About Our Company

Isoflex Ltd. was established in 1997, initially for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing polyurethane tube clip lining. The company is based in Székesfehérvár, where production is carried out in a newly built production hall. Our business is geograpphically focused on Western Europe and Hungary.

The range of our products and services has increased gradually. Initially we were exclusively engaged in the manufacturing of tube clip lining products, later we added to our product range polyurethane tube shell products, and then rubber and aluminium coils. Our company’s activities include contract laminating and cutting services.

It is amongst the objectives of Isoflex Ltd to produce high quality products to meet the needs of our customers. We are adaptable to our customers’ needs, manufacturing the required type of clamp inserts and pipe covers based on individual specifications.

Isoflex Ltd can take on the production and delivery of the products included in our product range in small lots or in bulk. If a product with a required specification is not listed, we will manufacture it on request to the specifications provided.


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