Insulated pipe support products

Professional solution for the insulation of tubes of different dimensions and of cooling lines. Our easily mounted insulated pipe support lining consists of several pieces depending on the size of the tube. Heat and moisture resistant and water proof design. Available on order with or without insulated pipe support.

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Pipe Shell Products

Our pipe shell products are ideal for heat insulation of (heating and cooling) pipes. This is a high capacity product with excellent water, moisture and heat resistant qualities.

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Tape Products

Aluminium tapes: for sealing air duct systems, 
Rubber tapes: ideal heat insulators for the insulation of heating pipes. 
Self-adhesive PVC tapes

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About Our Company

Szechenyi Terv

Isoflex Ltd is involved in the manufacturing of polyurethane clamp inserts and polyurethane pipe covers. Our products are primarily used in the building industry and when building industrial plants. It is amongst the objectives of Isoflex Ltd to produce high quality products to meet the needs of our customers. We are adaptable to our customers needs, manufacturing the required type of clamp inserts and pipe covers based on individual specifications.

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