Insulation Technology

Insulated Pipe Support Product - PVC covering

Raw material: Polyurethane foam with rubber insulation on both sides and PVC covering
Area of use: Cooling / heating systems, fixing technology
Available forms: Delivered with or without insulated pipe support

According to the thickness of the pipe, the insulation clip consists of 2, 3 or more high capacity components which fit mechanically into one another to provide the perfect insulation to pipes of any size.

The insulated pipe support lining consists of two semi-circular elements. It central part is made of rigid polyurethane foam and its sidewalls are lined with rubber insulation foil. These two semi-circles are covered with PVC tape having a self-adhesive closing segment mounted with protective foil. The insulated pipe support insulation lining with the rubber and PVC foil form a very strong water and humidity barrier.

The final insulated pipe support has a great heat refractory quality, making it an ideal insulator for (heating and cooling) pipes.

Our insulated pipe support insulation products are used mostly in the building and petrol chemical industries where high quality and durable insulation is required.

The internal diameter of the insulated pipe support lining should be the same as the external diameter of the tube, on which it will be mounted. The product’s external diameter should be the same as the external diameter of the tube insulated with tube shells or plates, and should fit the internal diameter of the suspension metal clip.


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